2011-2012 Point Person (for now): Brandy Wiegers, bwiegers@sfsu.edu

Charlotte (KIP)

Damien Raffa (Presidio Trust) draffa@presidiotrust.gov

Jasmine Dow (LEJ) hhp.asst@lejyouth.org

Eric Hsu (SFSU, Center for Science & Math Education) erichsu@sfsu.edu

Brandy Wiegers (SFSU, Center for Science & Math Education) bwiegers@sfsu.edu

Aaron Gilbert (Bay Area Wilderness Training) aaron@bawt.org

2011-2012 School Year Goals:

1) (Done, Bechtel Funds)
Finding funding and other supports for the common concerns that are shared by collaborative members including

transportation, supplies, teacher substitute, professional development credit, and other concerns. Initial focus of

the group will focus on transportation and future funding opportunities.

Action Plan:

Facilitate Transportation - we have pricing options and we need to think about how we would apply for it and how we can divide it.

If we get this resource, we need to create a plan on how do we divide it in an equitable way.

Contract with a bus service for a rate, find a way to split it up, find ways to collaborate and make it more affordable.

Providing resources to support grant process:

- Grant writing sessions -

- Collaborative meetups - go to the group at the large, this is what we think would be a great opportunity.

- Setup a survey which better finds the needs (as opposed to perceived need of resources) - transportation,

Follow up the survey to clarify and setup grants.

Notes from August 25, 2011

We discussed the 3 requests and ideas for funding/ program needs.

Perceived Needs:

- Transportation.

Think outside the box: charter limos, Car Share, partner with materials transport.

- Subs: When teachers go on field trips or PD trainings the kids that are left behind need to be supervised.

- Collaborative can allow the means to find the key players to support grants.

Many of the grants the members receive are very specific, we can provide support to expand them.

- Find someone to house grants to best support needs.

- Professional Development support of teachers: Subsidize teachers participation in PD. This body could raise funds to support

teachers to apply. Scholarships to take PD. Payment of subs. Making it easier for teachers to take PD.