2011-2012 Point Person:
Kristine Scully (SF Environment) kristine.scully@sfgov.org
John MacDevitt (SFUSD) macdevittj@sfusd.edu
Greg Brown (RAFT) greg@raft.net
Brian Kruse (Astronomical Society of the Pacific) bkruse@astrosociety.org
Nancy Caplan (National Park Service - GGNRA) nancy_caplan@nps.gov
Ann (TMMC)
Ken Pelto (SF Zoo) kenp@sfzoo.org
Jean MacCormack (SEP) jean.maccormack@ucsf.edu
Sarah Delaney (California Academy of Sciences) sdelaney@calacademy.org
Kristine Scully (SF Environment) kristine.scully@sfgov.org *
Jonathan Mendoza (SF Public Utilities Commission) jsmendoza@sfwater.org
Chandra Lawrence Johnson (SF Public Utilities Commission) cajohnson@sfwater.org
Maia Kolbeck (Aquarium of the Bay) maia@bay.org
Mayra Rivas (Aquarium of the Bay) mayra@bay.org

2011-2012 School Year Goals:
- Host a total of 4 Family Science Nights this school year - 2 at Elementary Schools and 2 at Middle Schools
- Host a teacher's night in the southeast area of SF to connect them with resources and information about the science and environmental education organizations available to them.
- Explore the possibility of presenting the collaborative and its resources at faculty meetings or during after school planning time. Consider creating a presentation that can be used by all 4S members to communicate the vision and connect teachers with resources.

Action Plan:
John will analyze the needs of the schools in the district and identify 4 potential schools to work with.
Teacher Science Resource Fair committee meeting notes:
-The basic idea for the teachers night is that we want to provide teachers with resources that they can use to incorporate science in their classroom, in addition to "advertising" our programs to teachers.
-We want to target elementary school teachers. There are more of them, and many of them would appreciate extra support in creating science curriculum.
-We've got some ideas floating around about the structure for the night, but it sounds like we want to avoid being a clone of the Presidio teachers night. Some of us were thinking about having workshops, offering lesson demos, or something else concrete along those lines to make the night more useful to teachers.
-We're targeting teachers at underserved schools.
-We're flexile in terms of messaging and content, so we want to reach out to the rest of the collaborative to make it something we're all happy with.

Notes from Services to Schools Subcommittee Meeting

Service to Schools:
Subcommittee meeting notes, 2/16/2012 ( from Sarah Delaney, feel free to edit/add more!)

Goal for remaining 2011-2012 – A family science night
  • where should this be?
    • Treasure Island? . Kyyio is going to contact the YMCA people who run the program.
    • What age level do we want to do? K-5 or K-8?
    • When should we do this? What time will it need to be?
    • Does SFUSD want to table? Is this an opportunity to reach that group of parents?

Goals for 2012-2013
- Two teacher nights: Should these be in the spring and winter or both? CSTA is in San Jose in October and NAAEE in Oakland
- 1 family science night - Should we have the student night in the fall to kick start the science and not compete with the Presidio's Teacher Night? Or is it better during the Spring?

Next Steps:
We are going to create a survey to poll the teachers who went to the resource fair and those who didn't to get information about our marketing.
We are also going to create a survey for our collaborative to see how much of a time commitment and what time of commitment they are willing to do.

Next Meeting: The breakout session during the 4S meeting where we will talk about the site work done by Kyyio and John and the survey results.

Big Questions for Future Discussion:
- The group needs to think about how much of a commitment do they each do with service to schools?
- And how these events match with our mission? Where should our time be spent depending on mission? Which speaks to our mission in a better way? When we serve the kids, while it may feel like it is a momentary impact, it may really be making a bigger impact than we think.
- How can we make the family science night sustainable? Can we train the teachers with how to run their own family science night? This way we can support for the first few years.

December 6, 2011 – 3:30-5pm @ SFPUC Building (1145 Market Street)
(from Jonathan Mendoza – feel free to edit/update/add more!)

John MacDevitt (SFUSD)
Kristine Scully (SFE)
Mayra Rivas (AOB)
Maia Kolbeck (AOB)
Jonathan Mendoza (SFPUC)
Chandra Johnson (SFPUC)
Nancy Caplan (NPS-GGNRA)
Lisa Wojcik (SFUSD)
Sarah Delaney (CAS)
  • Finalize science fair flyer text
    • Edits
      • John sent out an updated flyer
        • People made comments via email
      • Communications subcommittee made their own edits
    • Identify a graphic design resource for flyer
      • Sarah now has the flyer and will finalize it
        • Will be using logos from the wiki
          • Check if yours are up to date
        • Submit organization logos to Nancy - nancy_caplan@nps.gov
  • Status of exhibitor registration
    • Nancy currently has 10 organizations registered
      • Most are donating prizes!
    • Jonathan will draft a registration spreadsheet for science event
      • Teacher Name
      • Teacher School
      • Teacher Class Grade
      • Teacher Email
    • Possibly use teachers email to follow up with a survey a few weeks after science night
    • Register teachers at the door and give them a raffle ticket
      • Teacher’s must be present to claim prizes
        • Too much admin to track teacher’s down if they win prizes but are not there to claim prize
  • Science fair outreach plan and web presence
    • John will send out Teacher Science Night information to the WAD
    • All organizations should not forward the same event flyers to their teacher contact lists to avoid overlapping outreach efforts with same materials
      • Instead, include Teacher Science Night as an upcoming event in your own outreach materials (websites, newsletters, etc.) and send to your respective teacher email lists
  • Food budget and vendor
    • Kristine working on confirming food donations
      • Bi-Rite Foods
      • Arizmendi Bakery
      • Safeway (?)
    • Chandra wants food vendor to be able to deliver food so that we don’t spend our resources driving around day of event
    • Food will be vegetarian
      • Kristine will send Chandra a list of approved food vendors
    • Provide water, tea, coffee and chocolate (?) for teachers
  • Logistics
    • Next subcommittee meeting will be at Bret Harte Elementary school
      • We will walk through the site to see what we need for January 19th event
        • Projector Screen
          • For slide show playing in the background
            • Send Lisa your org pictures to create a slide show
        • Microphone
        • Extension Cords, Wires
        • Is there Wi-Fi or Ethernet jack?
        • Add more if you think of any!
  • Next Services to Schools Subcommittee Meeting:
    • Bret Harte Elementary School – 1035 Gilman Avenue
    • Either Tuesday, January 3rd or January 10th @ 3:30 p.m.
    • John will confirm the actual date soon

11/15/11 Notes from Subcommittee Meeting 3-5pm
SFPUC 1145 Market Street
(from L.Wojcik- please edit if inaccurrate)

In Attendance:
John MacDevitt (SFUSD)
Chrisitine Scully (SF Gov)
Mayra Rivas (AOB)
Maia Kolbeck (AOB)
Jonathan Mendoza (SFPUC)
Chandra (SFPUC)
Nancy Caplan (NPS)
Lisa Wojcik (SFUSD)

I) 4:15- Focus on upcoming Teacher's Night at Bret Harte Elementary School, January 19th. 4:30-6:30 pm
1) **Need the help of other committees ( communication: create flyer? (John); create website; create logo, use template of Sarah Delaney's flyer from 2010)- Flyer with everyone's organizations' logos will be created by the first week in Dec.
2) Each organization at the 4S should send information about the resource fair to their teacher contact lists
3) The resource fair will be targeting teachers.
4) Each organization presenting will bring TWO hands-on lessons targeting K-2, (and/or) 3-5 teachers
5) Each organization will bring the materials needed for teachers to simply teach the lesson (can get materials from SCRAP, RAFT, other if no materials are available)-
6) Each organization will bring enough lessons to give away to 50 K-2 teachers, and 50 3-5 teachers
7) All this information will be available on the flyer for teachers to understand what they will be 'getting' by attending
8) Checking in with Bi-Rite/Arizmendi/Asqew/Safeway/Whole Foods for food donations
9) Will be checking with organizations to see what is available for a free raffle for teachers
10) Lisa will check about raffling off transportation fund money for teachers trips
11) Request that teachers bring their own canvas bags, but orgs can provide freebee 'swag' for teachers, such as canvass sacks for them to take their lessons and materials incase they forget their own
12) Orgs. will bring their own tableclothes, signage
13) John is putting this information on the calendar (OMS) for now, as a temporary website to publicise the event. Lisa can also put on the ecoliteracy website, individual organizations can post this information to their own page.
14) John can send out to principals for 'teacher weekly reminders' and post to the WAD

II) General Commentary-
1) Feels like we're 'finally' not reinventing the wheel during every single meeting this year :)
2) set calendar for meetings in advance, so they're easier to schedule?
3) subcommittee meetings are able to meet after the full 4S share out, or can meet seperately on their own time, if all members aren't present
4) Lisa will post 'environmentally in need' schools to the WIKI ( found under 'resources')
5) Parent (Alex Milowski) already creating a Science Fair at West Portal, if any of the partners are interested in presenting at that school? - information about what he is doing, and date under the WIKI under resources. May be a 4S project or can be individual partner efforts if they want.
6) John Identified Treasure Island YMCA, Horace Mann K-8, Buena Vista (K-5) as potentail next sites for science resource fairs & will be in touch with those principals.