The '4S' (SF, Science, Stewardship and Sustainability) Collaborative is a cross-organizational partnership between the SFUSD and informal science & environmental education organizations that support district work and each other.

Our vision is to cultivate a dynamic community of ecoliterate students, teachers and families, and to inspire, engage and sustain them in life-long science learning and exploration.

About the 4S Collaborative:
1) We are a self-selecting, grassroots body of organizations
2) We want to strengthen a deeper understanding of science in students and teachers
3) We are focused on better serving SFUSD
4) We are self-serving (want to strengthen our connections with and learn from each other)

With participating members dividing themselves into 3 committees
(Transportation, Communications & Service to Schools)
4S members works on the following goals with committee goals are further described on their individual pages:

1) Creating better all-around communication (Formal and Informal)
2) Notification of collaborative when changes occur in SFUSD (quarterly?)
3) Framing information / standards so they are accessible
4) Volunteers from organizations in schools – outreach
5) Collaboration between organizations
6) Establishing goals among Collaborative members
7) Family Science nights should be a priority
8) After school and/or summer programs should be looked at – contact folks at Student Support Services
9) $$$ for transportation for field trips
10 ) Sharing of Best Practices
11) Networking
12) Coordinate new program offerings
13) Breaking down barriers to underserved schools/students ($ for transportation)
14) Evaluate effectiveness of programs
15) Plan events: Family Science nights
17) Access to teacher/faculty meetings