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Presentation from 11/13/12 Meeting

If you have comments or suggestions about the data collection form for 2.0, please email me.

Notes from the May 17th, 2012 meeting at the
The Presidio Native Plant Nursery, Hosted by Ely Huerta

Introduction by Ely H.
The Presidio Native Plant Nursery: Expanding the facilities: Grows 130,000 Native Plants annual
The PNPN functions as a community based nursery, relies upon volunteers & students work to plant (high school students)
Offers Volunteer workdays that operate during school hours, a perfect service learning opportunity for HS students
Ely gave a wonderful tour of the whole facility, modeling what students receive as they come through the PNPN

In Attendance:
John Macdevitt: SFUSD Science K-5
Lisa Wojcik: SFUSD
Jonathan Mendoza; SFPUC (Water Dept)
Charity: Crissy Field Ctr.
Catherine: Intern: Presidio Trust
Lauren Casterson ( SEIN Energy Conslt)
Maia: ATOB
Karen Gardner: TRT
Audrey: Energy Coalition ( PEAK 3-7 grade education)
Alice: PEAK Program
Megan: TI YMCA (Science Fair)
Anne: Exploratorium: School Field Trips
Damien: Presidio Trust: Outdoor Ed Programming
Cathy: Tresure Island
Kristine: SFGOV

2) Intro to what's happening at host location (15 mins)
Lots! see above, PNPN, a really amazing program.

3) Website: up for comments. The 'Logo' is a placeholder currently, and is open for change.
PDF draft of the website ( for launch, August 1, 2012). There is a design committee at SFUSD who is being consulted on how to use the SFUSD logo. If interested in commenting,or feedback please sign up for a communications committee meeting.

4) General Announcements & Discussion bits

Announcement/Discussion Bit # 1)
Next Generation Science Standards are out!! SFUSD to most likely adopt in 2013.
-John MacDevitt: Next Gen Standards: Currently open for review
-Will send out invitation to Eric- KQED offering a 'viewing and discussion' for the last weeks of May. May be a closed group of select teachers, but am asking for permission to open up to interested 4S members.
-Anne: California is not trying to change this very much
-Damien: Will EEI be aligned?
-Karen: EEI is aligned with the current standards, will coordinate with the NextGen Standards
-Karen: a new form? Should be

Side note: Lisa: email not working (50 at a time) :/
New strategies for sending new email include gmail, constant-contact.

Announcement/Discussion Bit # 2)

4S Science Family Night with Treasure Island:
Welcome as many as the tableJ
Thurs June 14th, 5-7 pm
-Kristine will be able to email out the flyer
-Lisa will save onto the Wiki under resources
-John will distribute flyers to schools in SFUSD that the Treasure Island kids go to:
L. Flynn, Redding, Francisco MS, John Muir, Tenderloin, Sherman is the assigned school, but not many actually attend.

-Cathy: K-8 school used to be on Treasure Island, every year they reduce the capacity
Used to be Chin and Sherman
Lots of Parking!!

-Megan: Sat. June 2nd, the Spring Festival- lots of vendors getting together,

-Damien: Curious about methods of distribution?

-Cathy: 176 families on the island, mostly linked through these programs, a monthly community meeting so the word will get out that way, as well as many other strategies through connections existing on TI.
TI hasn’t really seen anything like this before. Since school is out there might not be that much to do during the summer, so this is really a great opportunity.

Anne: Provide information about summer opportunities? à Would be a perfect fit for these families.

Kristine: bringing activities to the table is good fit for this opportunity

Cathy: Bringing activities would be a great option to hold the kids attention. Some parents get more into it than their kids!

Kristine: will collect feedback from people, after they view the flyer that exists on the WIKI, after Lisa loads itJ

Announcement/Discussion Bit # 2)
John: Has trouble with the 4S name… proposes going back to SF Science Collaborative… if you need more time or if you don’t feel invested enough just ‘pass’. Kristine: likes the science collaborative, the name is confusing.

Maia: may be excluding 'stewardship/sustainability'?

Anne: Different arms in the district, the science arm and then the sustainability arm

All: perhaps the “ SS’? The Science and Sustainability Collaborative, we’ll put it out there and table it.

Announcement/Discussion Bit # 3--> General upcoming events

Strategic Energy Innovation: High School Level Training in Sustainability (4 or 5 counties have been given scholarships) Anyone interested can participate in the training (via Nik’s DimeJ). Adaptable for middle school

Charity: LEJ/Presidio/NPS/Crissy Field
Nature in your Neighborhood Training happening, for MS and HS
Stipends will be available, new science standards, social studies standards, Glen Park, then Heron’s Head park, returning teachers will help facilitateà Please help distribute, a registration link which is long and ridiculous, but Charity will definitely be able to help

Audrey & Alice : Multiple different trainings- Elementary Education Professional development: PEAK, assemblies, new green careers presentation, profiles of folks that have green jobs

Action Items!!
Kristine; to post the updated Treasure Island Flyer for Comments and editing

Lisa puts NiN & all announcements in the WAD for teachers
Will send out email to all teachersà
Send Professional Development Hours for SFUSD for Nature in your Neighborhood Training


Notes from April 19th, 4S Gathering

In Attendance & Share out

Jeanne D’Arcy: APD PreK-Math&Sci

Lisa Wojcik: APD Math & Sci
-Upcoming PD’s listed on the WAD, SFEcoliteracy newsletter

John MacDevitt: APD: Math & Sci
-moving into K-8/Survey to schools share out, tying in more Notebooking and literacy with science teaching.

Jonathan Mendoza: SFPUC
- Water contest poster winners announced and selected, with full field trip sponsorship to Garden for the Environment.

Kristine Scully: SFGOV
- Environmental Schools selected and awards coming up (May 1).
- -Schools share awards, and awards are cycled through different schools. -The entire school attends the award ceremony, custodians, etc.
- -As of May, all schools are composting (hooray!)

Maia Kolbeck: ATOB
- New aligned HS programming happening,
- -Trout in the classroom sponsorship happening for elementary schools in SF (Hooray!)
- -Integrating SF Bay Watershed Literary Resources into curriculum

Eric Lewis: 555 HS Science Specialist
- -HS Sustainability Project happening this summer, looking for 40 High Schoolers to participate

Damien Raffa: The Presidio Trust
- -Working with consultants to align presidio programming, a ‘tree’ of experiences
- -Curious about creating a different sort of award for teachers / students to be recognized.
- -Working to develop a SF Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights with partner orgs, meeting Friday, April 27th at Cypress Room in the Presidio.

Sarah Delaney: CAS/TISS
- -Check into the Goldman Awards, very cool participation for environmental education programming
- (looks awesome!)

2) Intro to what's happening at host location (15 mins)
Listed programs happening out of the APD Offices & what happens on site.

3) SFUSD District Updates regarding
PreK-12 Science Programming: (15-20 mins)

a)Ms. Marcia Trouton (Point Teacher/Director of Environmental Science Center has passed away early April). Danila Metah, Conservation Coordinator, Sarah Fingado, Naturalist, Lauren Chain, Naturalist, and two interns continue to run all the programs. Lisa Wojcik will have a desk in the ESC, will work to smooth operational needs in Marcia's absence and will serve as a point-person as a credentialed teacher.

b) Upcoming PDs
- Math in the Garden @ Marshall ES- May 8th
- FOSS critters/Citizen Science- the School Farm @ SOTA- May 2nd

- c) Dates for summer school, upcoming 'buyback days' for PD
for teachers, Furlough Days are good days to offer PD that is 'partner pd', as SFUSD cannot legal host professional development those dates, but partners have had great success with enrollment those dates.

d) DISTRICT FREE BUSSES as a resource... did you know about this? Helps to offer programs to teachers at slots between free bus times....?
- District Bus announcement in resources, and schedule that varies for school is on the SFUSD Website under Transportation
- District needs at least 60 students or 2 classes to be able to provide busses.-SD

4) SubCommittees report out on work (5-10 mins max)

a) Website Name will be :
b) Schedule of Phase 1 & Phase 2 timeline set, Phase 1 done in June, 2012, Phase 2 (which allows partners accessibility) done in Sept/Oct. or sooner. (timeline & information posted in resources)
c) Teacher Survey for Website usefulness/search ability discussed. Lisa will follow up with Helena and the communications committee for further details.
d) Lisa will plan a survey session for ‘bought in teachers to bring ‘not so brought in teachers’. This can happen at the beginning of the year, 2012-13.

Survey To Schools:
  • o Maia presented teacher night feedback *she may post under resources. Good feedback from specific teachers about event and usefulness of these fairs.

  • o John- working with Treasure Island à Sherman and Chin Schools as well as Treasure Island YMCA to plan events, most likely early school year would be best based on teacher feedback.

  • o Conservation Connection Schools need help implementing Environmental Fairs for their culminating projects, this may need help and support with programs for the end of this year, but most likely 2012-2013-LW

5) Committee break-out time (x pollination & scheduling time)


4S Meeting Notes

February 16th, 2012 3:30- 5:30pm

February 16th Meeting at the San Francisco Zoo
Hosted by Ken Pelto

1) Introductions & Name of Org (if less than 15 people at meeting, 1 thing you'd like to share)
In Attendance:
Helena Carmina-Young, California Academy of Science
Elsa Bailey, Elsa Bailey Consulting
Anne Richardson, Exploratorium
Alex Milowski, Parent Representative, West Portal Elementary School
Kristine Scully, Department of the Environment
John MacDevitt, SFUSD Science
Lisa Wojcik, SFUSD Math & Science, Department of Sustainability
Damien Raffa, The Presidio Trust
Nancy Caplan, National Parks Service
Ken Pelto, SF Zoo
Brian Kruse, Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Jonathan Mendoza, SF Public Utilities Commission
Roger SAGE- new member, introduction to programming
Zak, Camping in the Presidio/Bay Area Wilderness Training
Ely, The Presidio Native Plant Nursery
Kiyyo Cecil, YMCA Point Bonita Program
Maia Kolbeck, The Aquarium of the Bay
Sarah Delaney, California Academy of Science

2) Intro to what's happening at host location (15 mins)
  • Early arrivers briefly met "Frida" a three banded armadillo, native to Central/South America:)
  • Ken Pelto introduced programming

3) SFUSD District Updates regarding PreK-12 Science Programming: (15-20 mins)
  • Taking FOSS outdoors PD dates Lisa,
    • March 7th (Grades K&1)
    • March 14 (Grades 2&3)
    • March 21 (Grades 4&5)
  • Taking MATH outdoors PD dates Lisa
    • March 13th (K-3 teachers)
    • March 20th (4&5th teachers)
        • all PDs happening at Sanchez Elementary School, side garden from 4-6pm
        • These Professional development opportunities will be for SFUSD teachers (paid) But are open to paraprofessionals for learning new skills & strategies.
        • Would like to open up announcements from 4S members to provide information to teachers at these trainings (flyers, announcements, etc, air time if you'd like to drop by)
        • Training will provide 'FOSS' 'Live animal cards', which teachers can submit to order live animals children can learn from in their classrooms.
  • Summer Ecoliteracy Teacher Institute: June 4-8. "Using your schoolyard as a tool for integrated learning"
    • Will focus on strategies for K-2 Teachers to teach lessons (math, science, ELA) using their schoolyardsWill be held potentially at Jefferson Elementary School and work with SFBotanical Gardens
    • The "Science in the Park" programming will form the base of the program, Transfering ideas from 'learning in the park' to 'learning in your schoolyard', which will extend to the park.
    • Open to SFUSD K-2 teachers for $900.00 stipend
    • Partners
      • Cal Academy
      • SF Botanical Gardens
      • Bay-Sci, LHS (FOSS Connection)
      • SFGSA
    • Resource Fair open for cohort teachers Friday, June 8th at SFBotanical Gardens.
      • Open to any 4S Members involved in urban ecology, schoolyard greening or K-2 SFUSD ecoliteracy programming.
      • Teachers will be surveyed about 'what they want to see' and 4S partners will be invited to present information during lunch/afternoon.

  • Environmental Liaison Teachers are now at *almost* every school in the district.
    • Teachers getting <$1000 stipend to fufill duties for a school-year.
    • Stipend comes from the districts' "Shared Savings" program, which each school gets a rebate from how much they save the district in utilities costs. Schools receive half of the savings. more information on these programs can be found under resources on the WIKI.
    • Nik is very protective of these Liaisons, so they will only be emailed once per month for requests of them. Information needs to be coordinated through the 4S, most likely will be channeled through communications subcommittee newsletter.
    • Lisa & Nik are able to coordinate monthly emails to these teachers who will:
      • Distribute Information to teachers (through monthly email, which includes PDFs to hand out or forward to their school community)
      • Stuff mailboxes with 4S Member annoucments
      • Announce monthly at mandated staff meetings ( <2 mins of announcements)
      • Anything else Nik needs them to do:) List of job responbilities on the WIKI.
    • It was brought up that the 4S would like to provide 'perks' to this group, in addition to just a stipend, as a 'thank you' for distributing this information.
      • Perhaps prizes can be given to them ( memberships, etc.)
      • a 4S meeting can happen around the next Environmental Liaison training (scheduled in the Fall, TBD)

4) Communications Subcommittee Share-out (20 mins)
  • In the works with designing a website
    • Teacher committee being gathered to give feedback on construction & design
      • Teachers will make up a cross-section of SFUSD, PreK-12 Teachers, from North, South, East, West sections of the city
        • 5 teachers chosen from the 'Environmental Liaison' Pool, who are more 'bought in' to this sort of work,
        • 5 teachers are chosen by 'Environmental Liaison's' who are not so bought-in, part of the EL school community
    • Teachers will be surveyed about what would be important for them to use as a website to find and gather information as related to responsibilities as an SFUSD teacher, and using the website as a portal into all the possibilities provided through the 4S network
  • Website will be directly tied to monthly newsletter-which can be sent out and distributed by the Environmental Liaisons, as well as any other interested party (Parents, Teachers, Garden-Coordinators, paraprofessionals, etc) who would like to sign up to see this sort of 'work' that is happening.
  • is the programming/design group who will be working to create this website
  • Power-points in school meetings are being re-visited due to the placement of ELs in each of the schools.
  • Environmental Liaisons may be in a chain of command for distributing certain information not only to teachers, but organizing distribution of information to parents as well. Can all be linked into a newsletter & branded website ( come June, 2012)
  • Branding of 4S can happen through:
    • Art contests at local colleges?
    • Opening up bids to local graphic designers?
    • Zak's idea of $99 design

5) Service to Schools Share-Out (20 mins)
*Since service to schools committee did not meet previous to the meeting, science-teacher fair debriefing became kind of a share-out*
John's ideas:
  • September 2012 & daylight savings may bring more teachers
  • Feels that the Bret Harte teaching community truly valued the resource fair, and would like to keep this fair at the school as a service to the community
  • Realized Malcom X had scheduled a Family Health Night the same night, which took some teachers out of the mix
  • turnout was less than hoped for.
Nancy's Ideas
  • The weather was a limiting factor, and was very dark in mid-January at that time. Fall and Spring may be better times to hold it.

Kiyyo's Ideas:
  • felt really strong interest from the community

Jonathan M:
  • Curious about more specific targeted outreach to the specific community?
    • John MacDevitt; Heavily flyered the surrounding schools, mentioned at principal meetings, faculty meetings in the surrounding schools.
      • For next rounds: may rely on many different ways to get the word out, and can be more focused and orchestrated
        • with flyering
        • website-specific announcements
        • e- newsletters
          • from the '4S' newsletter that is in-the-works.
          • as well as from different organizations publicizing a single, unified PDF to blast.

  • Flyer and all announcements should have clear language such as example on the WAD (Weekly Administrative Directory for SFUSD Staff & Teachers), as some teachers think "Science Fair" typically means for kids...
  • Having Music Playing in the background would make things a bit more fun. Whale songs;)
  • had several great connections with teachers and already booked several presentations and programs from new teachers and old familiar faces.

  • Could perhaps hold another Teacher Fair at Sanchez ES or Everett MS, where it is more in the 'center' of the city, and more accessible by public transit lines.
  • Having a P.A. System to announce things would be good, so the audience could still 'chat' but hear things over conversation. The audience was super silent and 'you could hear a pin drop'.

  • The publicity was tricky, as the flyers went out before break, and the fair was right after.
  • Environmental Liaisons can be helpful in getting the word out to different school communities.
  • Overall, the group felt very strongly that teacher fairs are important and easier to deliver than 'family science' nights
  • We might be able to open it up to the 'families of the teachers' as a treat.

Committee Break out-s and Cross Pollination Time!
5:30- end.

Notes from Nov. 17th, 2011, 3:30-5:30 at Crissy Field Center

I) Attendance
1. Lisa Wojcik: SFUSD, without committee (all committees:)
2. John MacDevitt: SFUSD Service to Schools
3. Jeanne D'Arcy: SFUSD,
4. Mayra Rivas: ATOB, Service to Schools
5. Maia Kolbeck: ATOB, Service to Schools
6. Hayley Huffman: MSI, without committee
7. Elsa Bailey: Elsa Bailey Consulting, communications
8. Anne Richardson: Exploratorium, communications
9. Sandy Wallerstein: Strategic Energy Innovations, without committee
10. Damien Raffa: The Presidio Trust, without committee
11. Ken Palto: SF Zoo, Service to Schools, without committee
12. Charity Maybury: Crissy Field Center, without committee
13. Christine Scully: Dept. of the Environment, Service to Schools
14. Emily Harris: CAS, without committee
15. Sarah Fingado: Environmental Science Center, Service to Schools
16. Sonja Gomez: ATOB, communications
17. Elizabeth Huerta: Presidio Nursery, without committee
18. Raynelle Rino: Literacy for Environmental Justice
19. Zak (?): Bay Area Wilderness Training/ Camping in the Presidio

II) ) SFUSD District update: What is happening with science in the district? Which schools need what? What is happening programatically?

1) Formation of Ecoliteracy teacher institute (Name subject to change to be more inclusive of all 4S members): One week during the summer, dates TBA, possibly early June.

2) Professional Development (PD) offerings & workshops with bus monies available for partner trips that hit the 8 key concepts (Climate Change, Sources of Energy, Watershed, Urban Ecology, Food Systems, Impacts of Consumption, Waste Hierarchy, Environmental Justice) ((More info on these key concepts found under resources tab)) will begin Spring 2012, possibly as early as January. Teacher participation in these programs will provide field trip monies to partner (4S) programming.

3) 'Ecoliteracy' Institute will create cohorts of teachers for grades K-2, (3-5?), 6-8, 9-12.

4) Teachers will receive extended hours for afternoon/weekend/summer institute PD, as well as transportation money (to partner programs & place based ed spots), and entrance fee payments to partner programs, curriculum, lesson plans that SOLIDLY LINK TO STANDARDS.

5* Important!!
-PD options need to be 'sold' to them in a way that makes sense of their time.
Teachers have Little time even for science. Their instructional Minutes of each day are spent on Math and Language Development, especially in Elementary School
***Important for teachers to understand how can your org's programs help meet other standards such as math and literacy probably already doing it, or can easily do it with slight tweaking:)
Those standards aren't changing soon.
Use template available under WIKI's 'Resources' tab.- Math/ELL/Humanities
For Science alignment, use NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARD FRAMEWORK- located under resources.

These standards you provide will be helpful with launch of

the " SFGSA merger --> "" ( or something like this)

The 4S will be integrated into this district site as a comprehensive & searchable website come spring

teachers will search by keyword, & standard, grade level based on the information you provide.

If interested in signing up to participate in Professional Development and Teacher Summer Insititute Programming,

please leave your information on the following Link:

6) FOSS KIT PD / Teacher Leader Training Happening January 11 & 12. Contact John MacDevitt for more information.
7) Prop A Passed! --> Each elementary school will get 150K to 'green' their schoolyards. The SFGSA is working closely with schools to guide the process to help incorporate important developmental & educational components so it just does not become 'landscape design' & not kid friendly & usable, and most importantly teachable! By 2016, each Elementary school should have these spaces.

4. Collaborative share-out ...what happened at subcommittee work? (2-5 min. max) - Shared by lead/point person.
Service to Schools Committee: - January 19th Science Fair at Bret Harte Elementary School. All details being handled and delegated by Service to Schools Committee. Flyer design finished and ready for distribution First week in December.

Communications committee: Brought up procedural difficulties and communications can be structured using the WIKI. Recommended point people from organizations to maintain consistency.

High Hopes, few opportunities discussed--> importance of creating mutlidisciplinary lessons in science that maximize instructional minutes. (found under Resources page on WIKI)

6. Announcements from each organization
Sandy Wallerstein- 2012 Bay Area Schools Environmental Conference taking Submissions

Damien Raffa- Tuesday, November 22nd, City Hall @ 5:30 Vote on ability to protect SF Native Biodiversity

Raynelle LEJ- Friday Workday/Share of 3rd Grade Elementary School/ High school buddy pair up. WALK program, students visit each other's exhibitions

Hayley, MSI- Offering extremely discounted presentations to SF classrooms.

7. Review next meeting time and date --> Dec. 15, 2011 @ ATOB

Notes from October 27, 2011 3:30-5:30 at SFUSD's APD Offices

I. Attendance:

Name, Organization, Committee
1)Brandy Wieger, SFSU, Transportation Committee
2)Chandra Johnson, SFPUC, Service to Schools
3)Charity Maybury, SFPUC, Ecoliteracy
4)Charlotte Hill, Kids in Parks, Transportation
5)Damien Raffa, The Presidio Trust
6)Hayley Huffman, MSI, currently without committee
7)Jean MacCormack, SEP, UCSF, Service to Schools
8)Jedda Foreman, Quality of Life Foundation
9)Jonathan Mendoza, SFPUC, Service to Schools
10)Joyce Lin-Conrad, SFGSA, currently without committee
11)Kristine Scully, SF Dept. of Environment, Service to Schools
12)Lisa Wojcik, SFUSD, Ecoliteracy
13)Mia Kolbeck, Aquarium of the Bay, Service to Schools
14) Sara Fingado, SFUSD Environmental Science Center
15) Jeanne D'Arcy, SFUSD
16) John MacDevitt SFUSD, Service to Schools
17) Vanessa Hutchinson-Szekely, SFUSD, currently without commitee
18) Elsa Bailey, Elsa Bailey Consulting, Communications
19) Eric Hsu, SF State, Transportation
20) Ghrame Smith, CAS,

3:45 II) Introduction to SFUSD's APD Offices by John MacDevitt

3: 50 III) Agenda items

4:00 IV) Presentation by Joyce Lin-Conrad representing San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance (SFGSA).

1) Announcement about their work within SFSUD's implementation of school gardens at elementary schools. "The SFGSA serves children and families of SF by
promoting and supporting green schoolyards. They provide resources, training, and advocacy to school communities to help them create and sustain outdoor
learning environments".



4) SFGSA recently brought on 4 full time green school corp (GSC) garden teachers at four schools in the district (Sanchez ES, ER Taylor ES, Fairmount ES,
Hillcrest ES). GSC's are full time, and provide lessons that integrate teachers lessons. The GSC are green liasons for the schools who also promote composting,
and environmental awareness in other capacities besides the gardens.

4: 20 V) Ecoliteracy integration into committees by Lisa Wojcik from SFUSD

1) Part of Lisa's Job description acts as a backbone to help support, frame, guide and funnel information through the 4S collaborative.

2) All information for the partners should be able to be communicated through this WIKI link, which will be comprehensive and guiding, with Lisa regularly
updating committee information and notes.

3) All partner information is being compiled at SFECOLITERACY.COM, and is the weblink that is being promoted to teachers in the district. This weblink will
become searchable ( much like the CREEC website) by Spring 2012. Lisa work closely with committees to guide work in making this website comprehensive for
both partners and district teachers. Information about committee work and goals can be found on their specific pages on this WIKI site. Committee members
will also be listed on their pages on this WIKI site.

to become a comprehensive 'environmental' resource center for the district-
1) operations
2)curriculum/ Professional Development/lesson plans
3)partner agencies (of the 4S) & all resources that are offered within your agencies
4) and green schoolyard resources connected to the SFGSA.

This website is scheduled to have 'searchability' functions, much like & Whisman School District searchable by:
-'standards' (across not only science, but math, language, etc.)
-unit (magnetism, economics, coastal miwoks, etc.)
-topic (or keyword)
-geographical location
-accessible by public transport

4:30 VI) Science Resource Fair announced for January 19th, from 4:30-6:30 at Bret Harte Elementary School, on Gilman Street.

-More information to be announced at the next meeting, details being worked out by service to schools committee, headed by Kristine Scully, from Dept. of the Environment. Contact her for questions or details.
- John MacDevitt curious about who is willing to participate. 1/2 to all organizations voted that they would be involved. John just took a general survey.
-Organizations involved will need to provide 'take away' lesson plans for teachers, including materials, that can be cheap, such as 'ice balloons' as discussed by Kristine. Contact her for suggestions or ideas.
-Organizations are urged to 'raffle' off item as incentive for teachers to particpate.
-Transportation committee is creating a survey for teachers about 'usage' and 'blocks' to participating in non-formal place based organizations.

4:45 VII) Voting on # of meetings : Bi-Monthly or Quarterly? Committee Meetings monthly?

Food for thought, with survey to be created and sent out electronically within one of the upcoming meetings.

5:20 VIII) Committee share outs ( minutes and notes to be posted on their separate pages on this WIKI, by Lisa Wojcik or individual committee).

5:25 IX) Closing, time and Date set for next meeting: Thursday November 17th, 3:30-5:30 at Chrissy Field. Confirmed by Charity Maybury, Friday, 10/28.

Next Meeting - Thursday September 22st from 3:30-5:30 at the Point Bonita YMCA

August 25, 2011
3:30 – California Academy of Sciences Share• Program Descriptions by Elizabeth Babcock and Sarah DelaneyNoted programs:Teacher Institute on Science and Sustainability
Careers in Science
Science Action Club

3:45 – Introductions
Sarah Delaney
California Academy of Sciences
Service to Schools
Emily Harris
California Academy of Sciences
Elizabeth Babcock
California Academy of Sciences

Mayra Rivas
Aquarium of the Bay
Service to Schools
Sonja Gomez
Aquarium of the Bay
Maia Kolbeck Grunert
Aquarium of the Bay
Service to Schools
Elsa Bailey
Elsa Bailey Consulting
Charlotte Hill
Kids in Parks

Jonathan Mendoza
SF Public Utilities Commission
Service to Schools
Brandy Wiegers
John MacDevitt
Service to Schools
Barbara Hogan
The Marine Mammal Center
Aaron Gilbert
Bay Area Wilderness Training
Rachel Pringle
SF Green School Yard Alliance

Nik Kaestner

Lisa Wojcik
Anne Richardson
Eric Hsu
Brandy Wiegers
Kristine Scully
SF Environment
Service to Schools*

  • notes committee point people

4:00 – Historical Background of the CommitteePresented by John - see notes on this page History 101
4:15 – Voting on the Name and Vision Statement

Name: San Francisco Science, Stewardship and Sustainability (4S)

The 4S Collaborative is a cross-organizational partnership between SFUSD and informal science and environmental education organizations that support district work and each other. Our vision is to cultivate a dynamic community of ecoliterate students, teachers and families, and to inspire, engage and sustain them in life-long science learning and exploration.

4:25 – Introduce Committee Work and the new WikiSarah Delaney showed the new Wiki and encouraged 4S members to share in the ownership and use of the page.
4:30 – Committee Work:
Each committee created a goal for the school year, an action plan and selected a point person. To read about their work, visit the following pages:Service to Schools CommitteeCommunication CommitteeTransportation and Operations CommitteeEcoliteracy Committee
5:10 – Committee Share Out
5:20 – SFUSD Share OutNik Kaestner introduced Lisa Wojcik and shared the district's vision for supporting the science and ecoliteracy education for students. He described the Green Corp - a program that places full-time staff in schools that are dedicated to improving the environmental education of the students. If you have questions about this program, please contact Lisa or Nik You can view his graphic that represents the work they are doing by clicking on the file below.

5:30 – Announcements
See this page
Upcoming Events & Announcements

Next Meeting - Thursday September 22st from 3:30-5:30 at the Point Bonita YMCA

June 9, 2011
SF Collaborative Meeting Attendees

Helena Carmena
California Academy of Sciences
John Macdevitt
Barbara Hogan
Marine Mammal Center
Jeanne D’Arcy
Elizabeth Babcock
California Academy of Sciences
Zak Klein
Bay Area Wilderness Training
Megan Oegeniffor
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Damien Raffa
Presidio Trust
Jonathan Mendoza
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Eric Hsu
San Francisco State University
Nancy Ellis
Randall Museum
Brandy Wiegers
Marcus Wojtkowiak
Randall Museum
Michele Gee
Crissy Field Center
Emily Harris
California Academy of Sciences
Charity Maybury
Crissy Field Center
Ken Pelto
SF Zoo
Nancy Caplan
Tracy Zhu
Literacy for Environmental Justice
Janna Velasquez
Excel ASP
Elsa Bailey
Elsa Bailey Consulting
Karen Polk
Excel ASP
Nancy Yamamoto
Anne Richardson
Kyyio Cecil-Raditz
YMCA Point Bonita
Meliisa Meiris
Headlands Institute
Nik Kaestner

Next Meeting: August 25, 3:30- 5:30, Cal Academy of Science

Tour of Rob Hill:
Available for Camping – Check out Presidio Trust Special Programs (
You’ll need to get trained ahead of time – gear and camping opps provided.
Also available for personal use, register ahead of time!

Introductions to group: Name, Association, 1 word Description of your Summer

Recap of Family Science Night
  • 92 people participated and overall it was a huge success- you could see the engagement. Thank you so much for your contribution, all your prizes were great.
A Success to highlight: Providing something for families to do at home beyond the event. Great idea for the future.
Cal Academy posted pictures and they were sent to Carlos.

SFSU Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) – Eric Hsu
Teacher Fellows identify future math and science teachers (undergrads and credential students) and create a community of support and training experiences. Private study lounge, monthly presentations, regular commitment to do a certain number hours of participation in volunteer opportunities.

If you have something available that could use of our students contact us, Eric Hsu ( These opportunities can be during the school year and we also create summer internships as well.

The students have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. They are all math and science teachers and participating in this provides them the real world experience of what teaching will be like. The commitment varies as well; some of them are looking for quick time while others are looking to make a longer commitment.

Note, Opportunity for All. Diversity Training Provided by SFUSD Excel. Contact the District Coordinator, Karen Polk – //

Family Science Nights – how can SFSU Collaborate with you?
Family night: Happens, just requires Deb/ John talking to a principal and having everyone from the collaboration bring tables activities, raffle prizes. Hard for one organization to do it in isolation but by doing as a collaboration then everyone has a bit of piece to support.
Learning Wall: Families share one thing they’ve learned.
Passports: Travel to Booths.
So far we have the expectations for schools to provide a location, advertising and some food. We swoop in and provide it so that they can enjoy.

2 tools for collaboration: SFSU Teacher Fellows, SFSU has some money to provide.
Ideas for using these resources:
- A highlight is the level of active learning – more support for this activity.
- Some pre-training, additional support for the knowledge.
- Manpower – extra hands are always helpful. Setup, breakdown, work welcome table, do the raffle, work a table. Lots of people to help out
- Have a table, present an activity.
- Food: More people with food. Asking families to come out in the evenings. At least people looking for food donations. Noah’s Bagels. Competition, who can get the most food for family science night. Pizza went really fast last time. After school program right before got people to the event but then there wasn’t enough food for people.
- Set protocol/ documentation of how to, set design, consistent way to advertise,
- Documentation of how great it is, get the media involved. Write up and publish/ mini articles of little success. Won’t let it disappear, the follow up kinds of things.
- Bring volunteers that already work with the organizations (peers that work at the zoo present at the zoo table).
- Build capacity at the school to continue the momentum – can’t give a continuous effort to the schools. When we’ve been to a school, what else can we do on an incremental level to maintain that energy. Fellows/ institutional support could be here.
- Idea: How to develop teachers at the schools to maintain that effort.
- Institutions adopt a school.
- Have schools step up their commitment, develop and prepare and present activities, have more teachers get involved.

Please note that institutions don’t have endless staff time for this, we need to consider this when making plans. One idea to offset is to not have all groups go to all 4 events. Instead break up the year and come if you can.

To Consider: What is the point of the collaborative?
It’s beyond the Science Nights. The collaborative was formed to get information to schools, hook up with teachers and schools. Maybe we should focus to teachers science night. This may be more sustainable. Need to adapt our way of thinking, replicate our models to train the teachers.

Teachers Night: We’re thinking of smaller of Presidio, more geographically focused. Replicate the model in other parts of the city.
Volunteered the Eco-center in Bayview.

Cal Academy Night Life, Exploratorium After Dark – bring that same energy and bring to teachers.

To do: Need to think of calendar for next year’s science nights to help start planning this ahead of time – elementary and middle schools to target.

To do: Create a survey to distribute to Collaborative members and see where we should be focusing our energy in these groups.

Green School Core: A system in the schools to take the environmental curriculum into the classrooms. Like IRFS (instructional _ facilitators).
- Empower teachers to become eco-literate/ incorporate environmental teaching in the classroom.
- Help schools green their facilities.
- Integrate green school yard/ gardening into the curriculum.
- Get teachers to take their students out to get science.
Need collaborators at schools, maybe these programs can develop together.

We’ve had three science nights and had teacher leaders at each of those schools. We need to pull from these teachers and see what they think? A Cohort of teachers who would like to give us some feedback on their thoughts/ their needs. A needs assessment.
Ex: Miami – Had a liaison in every school, bigger than SF. One contact that cared about it at each location.

Need to Do Visioning this Group – A large portion agrees we need to discuss this.
Note: There are committees that extend beyond the Science Nights, assigned to specific tasks.
- Communications committee has been assigned to this work
Note that the Collaborative and Eco-Literacy coming together, we need to review this together.

Note: Bay Area Science Festival (10/30-11/6), //

STEM Initiative Cohort Video –
You too can do science with the stuff that’s all around you.
There are 2 videos one that showcase the students and a second that showcases the staff.

Idea: Start a group on Linked In for collaborative members

Support for Expanding your Horizons
Expanding your Horizons – at SFSU for middle school girls to expand their STEM exposure. This year they want to boost teacher partners, a new audience for this year.
Dates will be either: Sat Oct 29, Sat Nov 19.
Partners: Are you interested in presenting a workshop to teachers (1-3 hours), table at the event, or present a workshop for girls. There is even workshops for parents (if there are enough presenters).
Can email Deb Farkas for more information.

What is Expanding your Horizons? A national organization, open to SFUSD as well as private and out-of-town students. Got it going again in SF and expanding to teachers.
- Short Film about discovery of an extinct species in Manzanita. Done by Melissa Peadbody. Available today.
- Solstice (June 21) Everyone invited to happy hour at EcoCenter, it’s an appreciation night for Bayview Teachers
- Marine Mammal Center: Hosting an art display of plastics turned into sculptures – Washed Ashore. Open this summer.

Tabled for next time:
- Discuss Combining Science Collaborative and Eco-Literacy
- Committee Work/ Report Out

SFUSD Science CollaborativeMeeting Notes - April 21, 2011
In attendance__:

Tucker Hirsch
Aquarium of the Bay
Ann Bauer
The Marine Mammal Center
Sonja Gomez
Aquarium of the Bay
John MacDevitt
SFUSD – WISE Coach (Elementary)
Mayra Rivas
Aquarium of the Bay
Karen Polk
Sarah Delaney
California Academy of Sciences
Janna Velasquez
Elsa Bailey
Elsa Bailey Consulting
Jeff Jelsma
Melissa Meris
Headlands Institute
Charlotte Hill
Kids in Parks
Kyyio Cecil
YMCA Point Bonita
Zak Klein
Bay Area Wilderness Training
Nancy Caplan

Next meeting logisitics
  1. a. Summer meeting in early June - tentative date June 9th 3:30-5:30 - and then at the beginning of the school year. Hosted by or something in the Presidio as a backup Aquarium of the Bay but the parking is expensive.
  2. b. Have a meeting in May about the Family Science Night – perhaps May 17th at 3pm at John Muir Elementary
Family Science Night
  1. a. Thursday May 19th at John Muir Elementary School from 5:30-7:30
  2. b. Theme “Science is All Around You”
i. Presenters should try to have some sort of take-home activity to extend the learning opportunity for the students. This can be a worksheet type of activity but if possible should be some sort of hands on activity. For example, students can be given a few seeds and directions for planting or an experiment they can try
  1. c. At this time 8 organizations – need to have the actual activities and the approximate time it will take for each kid to do the activity
ii. Exploratorium
iii. Excel – Karen Oobleck, water filter, cabbage juice pH
iv. KQED
v. Cal Academy – Owl Pellets
vi. John – SFUSD/Teachers?
vii. Perhaps – crissy field center, trust or GGNRA
viii. Marine Mammal Center
ix. SF Zoo
x. Volunteers
  1. 1. Elsa will help with sign in
  2. 2. Sarah will do decorations (signs, learning wall, etc)
  3. d. When parents sign in with the students, they get a raffle ticket, if you have materials that you can donate that would be great. Contact John if you have anything.
xi. Exploratorium family membership
xii. Presidio camping gear
xiii. YMCA – Family field guide
xiv. Aquarium of the Bay – Family 4 pack of tickets
xv. Headlands – family programs and some clothing garb
xvi. Cal Academy – something
  1. e. Getting the Word Out and Documenting
xvii. John to see about media coverage
xviii. Invitation should be sent to Carlos Garcia
xix. Should we have students or adults capture footage of the night with Flip Cameras? Could we use this footage for future years or have it on our new website?
  1. f. General Agenda
xx. 5:30- Students arrive, sign in, get a raffle ticket and a passport
xxi. 5:30-6:30 – Families circulate through the tables
xxii. 6:30 – Raffle and Announcements
xxiii. 6:45 – Table activities begin again
xxiv. 7:15 – Evening begins to wrap up
xxv. 7:30-8:00 – Clean Up
  1. g. The night will be set up in the auditorium with tables around the perimeter and set up an activity
  2. h. The kids will have passports so if you have a stamp to check them off, that’s great
  3. i. Approximate total number of people 100. The afterschool program ends at 6pm so the Principal is hoping that this will be a way to hook them into the event.
  4. j. Principal is ordering food – 30 pizzas and getting cups for water (hopefully not bottles of water)
  5. k. There is parking – the school yard will be open
  6. l. Looking forward
xxvi. Should these nights be held earlier in the year to be a kick off to the science learning?
xxvii. What is our main goal of the Family Science Nights?
xxviii. Should we be engaging the teachers in the learning?

Committee Work
  1. a. Transportation – N/A
  2. b. Service to Schools – Family Science Night – see the bulk of the notes
  3. c. Communication – worked with the Ecoliteracy committee
  4. d. Ecoliteracy – worked with the Communications committee
Communications and Ecoliteracy Committee notes:

Highlights from previous meeting
1. What to call a website that is the merger of SF Science Collaborative and SF Ecoliteracy
a. Top thoughts: SFUSD Science, Stewardship and Sustainability
2. Work was done to craft a vision statement as well

1. Identified the dual function of the group
a. A collaborative function for SFUSD-serving orgs that can help eachother
b. A teacher’s toolbox function for providing Teachers with a menu or “resource center”
2. Thoughts on Title / URL
a. Anchor the content with SFUSD name
b. Science and Ecoliteracy Resource Center “
c. One Stop Science Shop (Teachers’ One Stop Science Shop)
d. Science and Ecoliteracy Network

Upcoming events:

John Muir Elementary Family Science Night
Thursday May 19th, 5:30 – 7:30
Presenters would have a table and small space to set up an activity, distribute brochures, etc. Using “passports”. If possible, bring organizational stamps / stickers.
Expecting approx. 100

Next collaborative meeting: June 9th , 3:30 – 5:30
Presidio (Confirmed and reserved at Rob Hill Campground in the Presidio)

San Francisco Science Collaborative
Meeting notes – February 10, 2011

1) In attendance:

Damien Raffa
Presidio Trust
Andrea Swensrud
Charity Maybury
Crissy Field Center Parks Conservancy
Helena Carmena
California Academy of Sciences
Eric Muller
Sarah Delaney
California Academy of Sciences
Ken Pelto
San Francisco Zoo
Brian Kruse
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Raynelle Rino
Literacy for Environmental Justice
Elsa Bailey
Elsa Bailey Consulting
Jasmine Dow
Literacy for Environmental Justice
Deb Farkas
SFUSD – Middle School Content/Instructional Specialist
Nancy Caplan
Maureen Sullivan
SFUSD – Science/Literacy/Art Integration Specialist

2) Quick welcome and agenda review.

3) Charity gave us a tour of Crissy Field Center and described the programs that they offer to youth.

4) Broke into committees and continued committee work, followed by a report back as evidenced in following notes.

Communications: Worked on a “more final” draft of our vision statement;

The San Francisco Unified School District Science Collaborative is a cross-organizational partnership between SFUSD and the informal science organizations that support the district and each other.

Our vision is to cultivate a dynamic community of science literate students, teachers and families, to inspire, engage and sustain them in life-long science learning and exploration.

The committee recognizes that this is just a beginning and that ultimately a mission statement should accompany the vision statement. The committee suggested that we add SFUSD to our title because our group is a collaboration between SFUSD and informals – we did not really discuss this and it may be a point of discussion.

Our group began looking at and thinking about transportation issues for teachers for field trips
Will invite Dennis Gardner from the SFUSD transportation dept. to come and speak to the committee for the next meeting about the state of transportation for teachers and students (confirmed- he will be coming to the next SciCol. Meeting at 3:30)

Discussed other transportation options including: first student, teacher with a bus, SF Env. Bus charter, D Harris Tours, MUNI passes, Presidio Shuttle, YMCA

Discussed the possibility of a bus sponsorship to raise money for science field trips, (for bus and possibly fund substitutes) Models of this exist.

Discussed the possibility of using 1 primary bus provider for field trips, perhaps could get price down.

Most organizations present said that they don’t arrange transportation for teachers, that teachers do it on their own

Discussed putting together a resource page for teachers, something that could be on the website or handed out to help teachers find transportation means

Service to Schools:
A Science Night will be held some time between May 5th and May 20th.
The committee suggests that it be theme-based and have a minimum of 8 participating organizations.
It was unanimous that it be elementary, particularly due to the timing.
Need to involve John, Carol and Maureen from SFUSD in planning process and figuring out a suitable site.
Need to find support for getting refreshments.
Donations will require the tax ID # from the district.

5) Discussion of the Ecoliteracy Collaborative and how it fits with this collaborative was delayed because Jeanne was unable to attend. The few comments/questions that did arise were: 1) Can the collaboratives be combined (particularly so that people are looking at one meeting instead of two and, 2) How would they combine – what would it look like?

A preliminary suggestion that the EC might handle standards, field trips and website (things they are already working on) and the SC handle science nights.

Hopefully, we will be able to resolve these questions before the next meeting. Right now, the Ecoliteracy Collaborative is set to meet on Tuesday, March 22nd and the Science Collaborative on Thursday, March 24th – should these meetings be combined? We need to find out more information from Jeanne and Nik.

HOMEWORK: If you have not submitted a blurb on your organization, please remember to send Deb a few sentences about your organization/the services you provide. This is to inform all the collaborative members.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, March 24 @ KQED (tentative), 3:30 – 5:30
Hosted by Andrea Swensrud <>
Address: 2601 Mariposa Street, 
San Francisco. Street parking is available. If you need directions: