November 17th, 2011

1) Lisa Wojcik, SFUSD
2) John MacDevitt SFUSD Service to Schools
3) Jeanne D'Arcy SFUSD
4) Maia Kolbeck, Aquarium of the Bay Service to Schools
5) Hayley Huffman, Marine Science Institute, Service to Schools
6) Elsa Bailey, Elsa Bailey
7) Elizabeth Huerta Ortiz, Presidio Nursery .
8) Kristine Scully, SF Environment Service to Schools
9) Mayra Rivas, Aquarium of the Bay Service to Schools
10) Emily Harris, CAS
11) Sarah Fingado, SFUSD Environmental Science Center Service to Schools
12) Sandy Wallenstein Strategic Energy Innovations I don't currently have a committtee Yes & I will be on time.
13) Damien Raffa The Presidio Trust I don't currently have a committtee Yes & I will be on time.
14) Sonja Gomez AOTB Communications Yes & I will be on time.
15) Ken Pelto SF Zoo Service to Schools Yes, but I will be a bit late.
16) Charity Maybury, Crissy Field Center
17) Raynelle (?) Literacy for Environmental Justice
18) Sonja (?) Aquarium of the Bay Communications
19) Anne Richardson, The Exploratorium, Communications

October 27, 2011

Name, Organization, Committee
1)Brandy Wieger, SFSU, Transportation Committee
2)Chandra Johnson, SFPUC, Service to Schools
3)Charity Maybury, SFPUC, Ecoliteracy
4)Charlotte Hill, Kids in Parks, Transportation
5)Damien Raffa, The Presidio Trust
6)Hayley Huffman, MSI, currently without committee
7)Jean MacCormack, SEP, UCSF, Service to Schools
8)Jedda Foreman, Quality of Life Foundation
9)Jonathan Mendoza, SFPUC, Service to Schools
10)Joyce Lin-Conrad, SFGSA, currently without committee
11)Kristine Scully, SF Dept. of Environment, Service to Schools
12)Lisa Wojcik, SFUSD, Ecoliteracy
13)Mia Kolbeck, Aquarium of the Bay, Service to Schools
14) Sara Fingado, SFUSD Environmental Science Center
15) Jeanne D'Arcy, SFUSD
16) John MacDevitt SFUSD, Service to Schools
17) Vanessa Hutchinson-Szekely, SFUSD, currently without commitee
18) Elsa Bailey, Elsa Bailey Consulting, Communications
19) Eric Hsu, SF State, Transportation
20) Ghrame Smith, CAS,