2011-2012 Point Person:
Anne Richardson (Exploratorium) anner@exploratorium.edu
Barbara Hogan (TMMC) hoganb@tmmc.org
Sonja Gomez (AOTB) sonja@bay.org
Andrea Swensrud (KQED) aswensrud@kqed.org
Helena Carmena (CAS) hcarmena@calacademy.org
Elsa Bailey (Elsa Bailey Consulting) ebbailey@earthlink.net
Deb Farkas (SFUSD) FARKASD@sfusd.edu
Damien Raffa (TPT)

Next Subcommittee Meeting: TBD

Notes from 2/28/2012 Meeting at CAS:
In attendance:
Anne Richardson- Exploratorium
Damien Raffa- the Presidio Trust
Helena Carmina, CAS
Sonja Gomez, ATOB
Barbara Hogan, TMMC

1. Website Design

please brainstorm a list of suggestions to bring to the meeting if possible

a) What components would be important to have? (map of providers, link to muni lines... Could ‘nature in the city’ map be used as the backdrop, and providers and schools located within it? …other ideas like this)
-(Helena's Teacher Survey, in the works- Ready March 5th

b) What would a site name be called?
-(ACORN - Sonja's Acronym)- potentially too botany-based
-Nurture.edu (Helena's Idea)
-Lisa: some 'nuetral name' like 'grist.com' that isn't an acronym. Like 'action verb' to describe support of the 4S in support of SFUSD
-Will run Ideas by teachers, during Teacher Survey

c) How will we brand this site?(Any ideas brought to the meeting would be great- art contests, etc.)
- Lisa working with SFUSD PR person, Heidi Boogs, who designed the SFUSD Sustainability Logo.
-Can incorporate Damien's 'The Presidio Trust' logo of Tree & Hands, along with the SFUSD sunburst & Font. (both attached in resources)

d) Registration for Professional Development opportunities for teachers – much like the district’s OMS site.. Would this be useful? (OMS is how teachers register for district PD. ( www. SFUSD.k12.oms.org)
-probably not useful, SFUSD Teachers use OMS. Newsletter can link to individual partner PDs)

e) Administrators for Ed. Programs can update their own information and programs on the calendar (like Creec) - Punctum design said that this could be an automated feature.
-will talk about details of these at a future meeting with web-designers, after teacher survey

f) Please have a list of teachers you would like to represent a cross section of K-12 SFUSD. Bring one teacher who might be more ‘bought in’ with a teacher who may not be so bought in.
Teacher survey happening March 22nd, 4-6 at APD

2. Newsletter

a) Newsletter will automatically link to the website.

-Teachers can sign on as they wish.

-Lisa has a current format that can be sent out- Nik’ letter.

Can be linked to new website.

b) Communications committee can work to gather monthly updates from partners to send this information out?

c) This is ready to go out now ( Went out, looking for feedback) - Should be time sensitive, pertaining only to this month. Will link to website for other updates.

d) Think of ways to gather this information from partners & form a newsletter to send out monthly?

Comm. Meeting Notes: Jan. 2012
1) Lisa talked about opening up the 4S to have current 'www.sfecoliteracy.com' website done by June, 2012.
a) need to organize a survey committee of teachers for website advisory
i) the teacher survey committee should involve one teacher who is 'bought in' to our programs, and will bring one of their peers not so bought in, to see what source of resources they need to be inspired?
b) Elsa's question: Who will analyze this data once collected?
c) Each organization from communications committee will find two teachers for recommendation.
d) Teachers should be a cross-section of SFUSD district, with a span of PreK-12.
e)Teachers will be paid for their efforts from SFUSD budget.
f) Ideas:
i)Website could feature the teachers who are doing the best work 'highlight the teacher of the month' with 'favorites' of each of the categories that are searchable on the site.

2)POWERPOINT PRESENTATION AT SFUSD STAFF MEETINGS: Briefly discussed divying up powerpoint presentations.
a)Lisa currently goes to many staff presentations to present the powerpoint on the website & partner organizations. Think of a clear way ( two minutes!!) to represent the 4S within the slideshow. How will this group of programs be 'bundled'- idea for branding? ( Powerpoint attached under 'resources' for viewing) ( how will this be branded?)
b) Begin to think of name for the website & branding ( www.4S.com? www.SSSS.com? something catchy & easy.(how will this be organized)
c)Perhaps setting up 'art contests' for design colleges to come up with a branding logo. (who will do this?)

3) FOLLOW UP FOR 4S SCIENCE FAIR 1/19/2012 follow up with SURVEYMONKEY?
a) What would a follow up evaluation help us understand?
a) follow up with 4S presenters? Which questions should the 4S presenters be asked?
i) Did teachers take advantage of your lessons?
ii) Sign ups?
ii) Quality of interactions ( on a scale of 1-10?)

b) Follow up with Teachers who attended?
i) What would this survey help us understand?

ii) what are the barriers for this sort of teacher fair?
iii) what did the teachers find the most useful (specifics)?
iv) How could it have been better organized for RSVPing? Phone, email, flyering mailboxes? what strategy works best for teachers?
v) what time slots work best? afternoon? A lunchtime fair at your school? could we coordinate with other 'fairs' or 'fundrasiers' or 'event's' that your school is putting on? How could we find out about what would best serve your needs?
vI) Will you use the 'lessons' that were created?

- This information to contact teachers should be coordinated with John MacDevitt:)

Notes from this Committee meeting@ Exploratorium 11/11/11: 3-4 p.m.
In attendance: Anne Robertson, Helena Carmina, Elsa Bailey, Lisa Wojcik
(edited by L. Wojcik)

1) Organized setting of agenda for large 4S meetings (bi-monthly, with subcommittees meeting between 4S meetings- should start January 2012)
2) Confirmed that what SFUSD is doing is the priority for what the partners should be hearing about, and should be part of the agenda at each meeting.
3) Partners should not have to become part of a committee if partners can not handle the workload, can just come for general overviews and to hear what district is doing.
3) Partner organizations should designate a team of two people who can possibly attend the 4S meetings.
4) Committtees should be linked to real SFUSD goals (Lisa, John, Eric, Deb? Jeanne, Nik) - Lisa will meet with committees for feedback about where to direct and link questions....
5) Committees should designate a 'lead' if there is not one already.
6) 4S website is going to have to be seperate from the SFecoliteracy.com website. Can possibly be funneled into 'SFgreenschools.org' when this gets running, but may be its own separate science-specific site focused on scientific learning as ecoliteracy does not hit all of the 4S goals.

Notes from this Committee prior to 8/25/11

Additionally, this committee should work to finalize the website name, URL and the mission for the committee

Highlights from previous meeting

1. What to call a website that is the merger of SF Science Collaborative and SF Ecoliteracy?

(DONE) a. Top thoughts: SFUSD Science, Stewardship and Sustainability

(DONE) 2. Work was done to craft a vision statement as well


1. Identified the dual function of the group

a. A collaborative function for SFUSD-serving orgs that can help eachother

b. A teacher’s toolbox function for providing Teachers with a menu or “resource center”

2. Thoughts on Title / URL

a. Anchor the content with SFUSD name

b. Science and Ecoliteracy Resource Center “sfusd.edu/serc/

c. One Stop Science Shop (Teachers’ One Stop Science Shop)

d. Science and Ecoliteracy Network

e. Ilovescience.com

2011-2012 School Year Goals: (Subject to revision based on committee input)

Internal Communications: The communications committee will create opportunities for 4S members to learn from one another through sharing best practices in person and on this wiki.

External Communications: The communications committee will take responsibility for communicating the mission and resources offered by the 4S to our audience(s).

Action Plan:
Internal Communications
  • Create a space on this wiki for 4S members to post resources, articles/papers, etc. that are related to or could support the work of 4S members.
  • (Possibly) structure short periods of time during 4S meetings for professional development for and by members. (This idea was brainstormed in our last meeting, but we really haven't discussed it much yet.)

External Communications
  • Determine website name and URL.
  • Support the Ecoliteracy committee in their project to create a search-able database for teachers. Our role will be to consult on communication-related issues such as how the database is structured, what information is included, and how it will be navigated by teachers.