Communications Committee

Anne Richardson, Exploratorium
Description of work:
1) Better all around communication Formal <-->Informal
(through website
(communication to members through the WIKI)
(through newsletter on website)
2) quarterly notification of collaborative when changes occur in SFUSD)
3) Collaboration between organizations
(sharing of resources through WIKI)
(sharing of best practices through WIKI)
4) Coordinate new program offerings
5) Networking (what does this mean?)
6) Professional Development opportunities with Teachers -->highlighted on the Website www.SFECOLITERACY.ORG, and funneled to WOJCIKL@SFUSD.EDU to promote
(identifying where there is a need!!!)
7) Connecting with media

Service to Schools

Description of Work:
1) Finds volunteers from organizations to reach out to schools ( outreach)
2) Family science nights should be a priortity
3) After school and/or summer programs should be looked at
(contact folks at Student Support Services)
4) Break down barriers to under-served schools/students ( what does this mean? $ or transportation?)
5) Plan events: Family Science Nights
6) Access to teacher/faculty meetings (for what?)
7)Framing information /standards so they are accessible
(Looking not only at Science, but Math, and ELD/ELA)
Super important, this will be promoted on the website come spring 2012
8) School-presented science nights
9) Career connections (what does this mean?)

Transportation & Operations Committee

Description of Work:
1) Establishing goals among collaborative members
2)Cost of Transportation
3)Evaluate Effectiveness of programs
4) Creating surveys to understand barriers that teachers feel restrict them from participating in programs (distributed at family nights, resource fairs)